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Are you famous enough?


PageRank (Google), TrustRank (Yahoo) and now PeopleRank (WebMii). PeopleRank or public information about you is no more a vanity. People don’t search for their own information on the web just for the sake of it anymore, the whole idea is to find out how much popular he/she is on the World Wide Web. The resultant factor is to get a brand name for you. WebMii conglomerates data from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo Search and other search engine to provide you with a picture of your image on the internet. However, there are some restrictions. They have country specific searches like USA, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and International as a category.

Public Profile Results Page (PPRS) as coined by me is something that have evolved over the time and I am sure people will be going crazy over this just like they did the same for twitter.

The PPRS have lots of sections namely Tags, Photos (powered by Facebook, Bing), Email, Facebook Profile, Hi5 Profile, Twitter, MySpace, Websites (powered by Yahoo) and Blogs (powered by Google) which contributes to the overall PeopleRank.

The time factor shown up in the right hand side can be assumed as being proud to conglomerate the data in such a short time.

Looks Good right!

Now, give a hawk eyes to the way the data is being manipulated. Let’s take an example. You have a low PeopleRank and now as you have come across this term you want to work on it. Here are few tips to improve it.

1. Increase you Facebook interaction
2. Name your images and upload as many variations as you want.
3. Tags even though powered by Google, I believe they involve Tagged info as well.
4. Make good use of your friends and connections at LinkedIn
5. If you have a blog it’s all the more advantageous to build your brand.
6. Make sure you have your name as the original name for most of these applications otherwise the whole effort is wasted.

Advantages :

  • Most of the employers now seek online information pertaining to the candidate before even actually checking for references.
  • The better information you have promoted for yourself the better it is for the yourself in terms of social gathering, online meetings.
  • It may develop into a mania of checking your online reputation every now and then.
  • Most of them are free applications, website thus the only thing you need to invest is time.
  • Get famous – though with time.
  • Be aware that your reputation is at stake when you expect bad comments for your profile.
  • Most people are unaware of their public profile and even when they come to know about it … it might be too late.
  • Online Reputation Management is a tough task, it involves a lot of time and logic.
  • Make sure you don’t add your competitor in your circle, otherwise it may prove demeaning for your profile.
I am waiting for your comments now. Do comment on this post but please do not make comments merely for the sake of seo benefits by putting links through un relevant anchor texts.


Very useful tips for all blogger...

I've always known that some or most of your tips are something that I've always wanted to implement on my site, but have never got around to it... maybe in the next redesign.
For bloggers who have a larger readership that respond via comments, they implement some of these changes and find people commenting more. But when I find it difficult to comment on a blog, or reading the comments is a real pain, I almost instantly leave. So these tips also form part of "How to increase readership and conversation"!

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