Mobile Keyword Research Strategy

How to conduct a Keyword Research for Mobile Website

Mobile phones are no more a luxurious affair. They have become an integral part of our life. People in the earlier stages used it as a medium of communication and they still do it but with the advancement of technical enhanced features they provide a plethora of opportunities.

Interacting with friends through chat options, checking emails, socializing through networks were some of the features till 2009. In the last 3 years, there has been a significant surge in the sale of smartphones. In fact, the number of searched from mobile devices has gone up 5 fold times in the period 2009-2012.

Thus there is a need for optimization of mobile based website.  Like optimization of website, mobile based website starts with keyword research. Now, you have a tool too to check out the web traffic statistics. If you are running a Google Adwords campaign then follow the steps.

1) Go into Campaign Summary.
2) Choose an ad campaign with a mobile ad. (This is a critical step.)
3) Open the mobile ad.
4) Click on the Keyword tab.
5) Choose the Ad Keywords + sign
6) Then select Add Keywords using the Keyword Tool
7) You will see “Results are tailored to mobile searches“

Now you have the power to leverage mobile-specific keyword insight for optimization when you have content that is likely to have the opportunity to be consumed via mobile devices as well. 
Filtering options available for mobile: 

All Mobile Devices, 
Mobile WAP Devices, 
Mobile Devices with Full Internet Browsers.  

Desktop, Laptop Searches vs. Mobile Searches

You need to understand the behavior of search conducted through mobile devices. The intent and motivation are the two critical factors. In our day to day activity, we tend to focus more on email, updates through twitter or Facebook or a chat with friends or colleagues. How many times have you ever bought a product directly from mobile device? Chances are less. The community as a whole seeks information through mobile devices and gets hooked on to their desktop or laptop or tablet for deciding on the final option and then goes for the ultimate action (Purchase – Conversion).

The scenario changes when it’s a subscription to a newsletter, filling up of a contact form or general surfing. The exit rate is low and conversions are higher. Even a Click-To-Call option works well.

To optimize well for mobile based website, here is a checklist

1. Do you have a mobile based website?
2. If yes, does it perform well in the generic available browser?
3. Which device medium is expected to generate traffic?
4. Target Audience
5. Target Location
6. Goal of your website
7. Identifying the key pages
8. Optimizing the landing page

Once you are done with the checklist you are almost through. You need to analyze the traffic initially Day-to-Day, Week on Week and then Month on Month. The statistics that you should be looking forward to are:

1. Percentage of Traffic through different medium
2. Percentage of Mobile based traffic (Device/Platform)
3. Country and City wise traffic – Mobile
4. Entrance, Exit rate
5. Bounce Rate (Average/Pagewise)
6. Average Pageviews

You can estimate the importance of traffic based on these factors. 

A statement which provides a lot of insight - 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | 12:09 PM

Mobile Statistics in the Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool now helps you build a better keyword list to target mobile users. Under "Advanced options," you can now search for keywords for devices with mobile WAP browsers, mobile devices with full Internet browsers (think iPhone and Android phones), or all mobile devices (sum of devices with WAP browsers and devices with Internet browsers).


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