How to use AdWords Express

AdWords or AdWords Express which one to go for?

Most of the people know about Google AdWords but very few have heard or used AdWords Express.

What is AdWords Express?

In short is useful in managing local business within some specific radius (Distance in Miles).

Try and understand this point in specific

“ With AdWords Express, you can help these customers find your local business by advertising on Google and Google Maps (including mobile devices) and attract more visitors to your website, Place Page or Google+ Page.”

With Google AdWords you have the option of advertising in Google Search , Search Partners, Display Advertising and Mobile Advertising.

According to Google:

Businesses that are a good fit for AdWords Express:
  • Local service providers, such as home or auto repair, physicians, salons
  • Local restaurants, cafes, eateries
  • Local retail stores, boutiques, markets
  • Local hotels, inns, apartment buildings

Note for AdWords advertisers
Any advertiser already publishing ads on Google AdWords need not use AdWords Express as they are already having the Ad Extension feature integrated into the tabs section under Campaign. Use Local and/or Call Extension for the same purpose.

Where AdWords Express is available?

AdWords Express is currently available in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and France.

It is currently available on a trial basis in some cities in Canada, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.


Applying SEO to website is really about one specific thing — getting targeted visitors, and converting them into actual customers.

thank u for sharing this important information for us. we are sure that this is very useful information and though we are new in this firm it will be useful for us.

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