TEOMA Search Engine is back

TEOMA Search Engine

Rise from the Ashes. Started operation in 2001, then went off for some period of time and then again refurbished them and now back again in 2010. Probably, they are fascinated by the numbers 0012.

I did a basic search for keywords and could only understand that then need to go a long way to grasp any traffic.

Here are some of my observations:

1. Top - 5 sponsored advertisement.
2. Footer – 5 Sponsored Advertisement
3. The sponsored ads are too large and above the fold.
4. The SERP looks better compared to Yahoo and Bing.
5. Top four results comprises of two domains having an inner page as a part of the SERP.

Let me know your thoughts.


What an advertisement have impact for SEO efforts. Can you tell me? thx :)

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