Its website and not web site

When the AP Stylebook announced via Twitter that it was changing the style for "Web site" to "website," some users let out shouts of praise

The reactions aren't surprising, given how many people have asked the AP to change the style from two words to one word, arguing that "Web site" is an antiquated way of writing it.

"We decided to make the change because 'website' is increasingly common," said Sally Jacobsen, deputy managing editor for projects at the AP and one of three Stylebook editors. "We also had invited readers and users of the Stylebook to offer us some suggestions for a new social media guide that we're including in the 2010 Stylebook, and we got a very good response and a large number of people who favored 'website' as one word."


Thanks for sharing this information on Web sites. :)

Thanks for clearing the difference between website and web site.
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Yes, you are right. It's website not web site.

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