How to improve Call To Action

Understanding Calls to Action

Many people in the industry use the Term Calls to Action without actually implementing the same. Calls To Action (CTA) is a term that defines an action that would induce a rationale visitor to follow what you want. Any online marketing activities would aim at the following steps
·         Traffic – Get traffic to your website
·         Retention – Make them understand your value proposition
·         Conversion – Convert them into your customer
·         Acquisition – Make them your repeat customers.

It is believed that (percentage %) of Repeat Customers can do wonder for your business.  How? They are your tools for Viral Marketing. They would indulge in Word of Mouth Marketing which is priceless. Companies invest huge amount of funds into Social Media Marketing nowadays for the same purpose which can be attained to some extent through your repeat customers.

Search Engine Marketing involves:
  • Contextual / Audience Buying based on the factors which determine how you get them.
  •  Location – Geo Targeting
  • Age Group – Determine your way of marketing
  • Gender – Buying Decisions
  • Audience Behavior - Related some to Age Group and Designations

How do Calls To Action help in Conversion?

As discussed earlier, CTA is a critical tool for conversion.  It can me a Button, a message, an Image, an action like filling up of a form, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading  a document  or simply a mouse over function.
  • To increase conversion through any of these means you should have a clear understanding of your GOALS
  • Remembers there’s a huge difference between a LEAD and a CONVERSION. Every conversion is a lead but not every lead is a conversion. CTA plays an important role in Lead to Conversion.
  • Position your action item such that a rationale visitor is induced to follow your action item. Through several cases studies it can be ascertained that Action Items if posted on the right side results in more conversions compared to the left side. 
  • Case Study of Picassa from Google can be a great information center for implementation of Call To Action.
  • Share your experiences with me.


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