Google Docs New Update


Google Docs New Update

Google Docs has come up with new improved features for Drawings and Forms, which will surely help users in several ways.

Google has made it easier for users to build flowcharts. It has introduced 20 absolutely new and unique shapes for the standard flowchart components. Not only that, users can enjoy more control over drawing text layout as they are now supported with line break options. The line break options are available in text boxes as well as within shapes. Users can access these features simply by inserting the desired drawing into any spreadsheet, document or presentation.

My suggestions to Google would be to introduce:

1. Connectors and
2. Multiple arrow/endpoint options

This would really make it awesome. What is your opinion?


Google is madding New Updates quickly .

thanks for the very informative post

Really Google is madding New Updates quickly .Thank you for sharing with us.

It is a wonderful page.Your information are also a good.Thank you for sharing with us.

that makes it more easier to do the representation..looking forward for more updates and useful features in the next days...

wow,we are waiting for the new updates google is giving.

thanks for the useful information.

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