Google Collects Information from your Search Data

Ever Wondered Why Google Collects Search Data

Information we collect

You do not need to provide any personally identifying information in order to download and use the Google Toolbar. Except for Toolbar features that are specifically designed to work with a Google Account, all of the features can be used without sharing any personally identifying information. However, it is possible for data that usually contains no personally identifying information, such as search queries or page addresses, to contain such information in certain cases.

The Google Toolbar has some basic features that work automatically any time you use the Toolbar. Other features are optional, and only operate and transmit data if you choose to enable them.


• We process your requests in order to operate and improve the Google Toolbar and other Google services. For example, by knowing which web page you are viewing, the PageRank feature of Google Toolbar can show you Google's ranking of that web page. Likewise, by processing the text on a web page, SpellCheck can offer spelling suggestions and AutoLink can provide useful links to information.

Information security

• If you provide credit card information to use Toolbar's AutoFill feature, that information will be saved on your computer in encrypted form. It is not transmitted to Google.

• Any information sent to Google will be maintained in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy. Google's Privacy Policy does not cover information that you send to third party sites.

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