Does Google Adword provide authentic data?


Does Google Adword provide authentic data?

I have seen many people using Google Adwords as a source for finalizing their keywords. I know it’s a great tool but have you ever thought of whether this tool provides you with authentic data?

Most people will say Yes as this is Google. But I tend to think in a different way. I actually tested it out and found Google to fail this test.

Here goes the Case Study:

I have a domain and wanted it to rank for the keyword iPhone Developer. I went through my normal course of auditing for the best possible related keywords. Here is what Google suggested (actual data not provided)

Now, the funny incident is eventually, I registered many hits for the keyword iPhone Developer both from Organic SEO and also from Google Adwords Campaign.

Here is what Google suggested (actual data not provided)


Feb Search Data

Avg Monthly Search

iphone developer



For Next Month


March Search Data

Avg Monthly Search

iphone developer

No Data


So, possibly there can be on true result.

  1. If Google Adwords Campaign is true i.e. No of hits for my website then Google Adwords Keyword Tool is wrong.

  2. If I registered false hits(click fraud) then Google Analytics is wrong.

  3. I checked report from the Adwords which showed conversion from the keyword and then similar kind of result from Google Analytics

So guys, what do you feel now? Do you want to try a similar stuff or have any suggestion for me.


Not exactly,i think ad words keyword tool provide the results very close to the exact result.
If any other tool for checking keyword avaliable please intimate me.

Thanks for all information about SEO Consultants posting.:)

Okay, now those are new ideas to ponder on. Thanks for the share, though.

Really useful information about SEO

Looking forward to meet you after long! read see your name hehe

I wish I could see the whole set with the right domain names ... None of the keyword suggest tool is expected to give you an exact number expect Google as most of the others are simulating whereas Google can show the exact count on the searches which is a significant share ..

Now I have queries
1) Was the search exact, broad or phrase ...
2) Language & country
3) Why are you saying it is wrong? Average monthly search is about "Global Monthly Search Volume
This column shows the approximate average monthly number of search queries matching each keyword result. This statistic applies to searches performed on Google and the search network over a recent 12-month period. It includes traffic in all countries and languages and is specific to your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If we don't have sufficient data for a particular keyword, you'll see not enough data. " and which is very difficult to sum up..


black soft said
i know only one tool to find keyword , and their traffic ,its name adword tool only , if u have know any other tool plz tell me as soon as posible,

I have seen this before, and its true when search from keyword tool they provide this type of data. I believe you say it true.

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