How to write an optimized article for the Search Engines

Writing an article for the general users is easy but to write for both the users and as well for the Search Engines is tricky. Over the years I have found out many people asking me this question on how to write an article optimized for the Search Engines as well for the rationale visitors.

The answer for the question is simple write for the visitor and make sure the article includes the keywords based on your research at a pre defined keyword density. Keyword Density generally means the number of times the keyword occurs for the full article. Suppose a particular keyword occurs 10 times in an article having 500 words then the keyword density stands as

(10/500)*100 = 2%

You need to understand what is the best keyword density as per the theme of the article and also the length of the article?

Regarding the best way to insert the keywords, there are many authors who believe there are many ways of distributing the keywords and even some say that you should maintain a z structure or a v structure. According to my knowledge and over the years of experience what I have gathered is straight and simple.

You need to insert the keyword and also synonyms of the keywords in each section that is the Introduction, body and the conclusion.

Google along with other search engines have laid down their own algorithm but each of them have some thing in common and that is the article should be well structured without grammatical mistakes. This is because it makes much sense to the visitors and that is what every search engine asks for.

Make sure that your article is not over optimized due to the influence of the keyword as that will hamper your growth more than it will do good for you.


I already working as a article writer on search enghines.
You have nice guidelines for me.

Very nice read. Thank you for the information

Great post. Thanks for informing me about this.

Thanks Arnab it was an great article. I am reading articles regarding seo and related topics from quite a while but i felt that this article was informative and i hope i get these kind of informative article in future also.Arnab i would also like to know whats your opinion on automated seo.

Some great advice here ... I've finally made some time to work on my own blogging software that I use, and I've done a lot of what you mention.
The one thing I had to add due to some pretty persistent blog comment spammers is a CAPTCHA.
Thanks for helping motivate me to actually implement the things I've been meaning to get to for months ... :-)

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