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After months of speculations and wait, finally the new and improved Yahoo Homepage for the web users was launched two days ago. It is something that web users have been waiting for quite a long time now. However, Yahoo announced that for the time being, the site will have both the old and new homepage and will probably be featuring an opt-in choice for interested users.
The new homepage is by far much neater and less cluttered as it consists of lesser buttons and modules. Not only that, even the search option on the page seems to be more prominent. Search, in the new design has been integrated into the other parts of the page making it more visible.

Unlike the older homepage, the left column of Yahoo properties, which was a static list, now, has been modified into a customizable menu that transforms into an RSS reader or a dashboard. In the new design, users will also be benefited with the option of adding or removing applications to and from their Yahoo homepages according to their preferences. Even when Yahoo has created a wide variety of widgets to be launched, users are allowed to add any third-party site that has RSS feed capabilities. This has open up a whole new horizon for third-party developers, as they can now add their own created applications to the gallery.

Yahoo executive, Tapan Bhat stated that the company will recommend widgets to the users on the basis of their individual browsing and click-stream behavior. Adding and removing applications from the homepage is not only simple but can be done with just one single click. For example, when a user takes the mouse over the “My Favorites” application, a new window will open, which will not only allow him to see the site but will allow him to view the content as well.

On the right hand side of the window, a new and relevant (contextually) ad unit is placed, which can be used to target the content of the page itself. Yahoo, while explaining this feature gave the example of a movie opening targeting users who look up for movie show times from one of Yahoo’s native movies application.

The new sliding fun-to-serious scale is one of the many amazing and useful features that have been added to the new homepage. This feature will help users to adjust the news they view on their personalized Yahoo homepage. Yahoo further plans to start off with a new look and feel for search results that will inform users about the latest happenings on the homepage itself.
However, U.S web users will be first ones to experience the new Yahoo homepage, as it is about to be released first across U.S and then in UK, India, France and other countries respectively.

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