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Search Engine Strategies

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps in the positioning of websites on the Internet. Search engine optimization has in fact, revolutionized the online marketing process. New Search engine strategies are constantly being evolved for generating free traffic to your website. According to the research about 90% of traffic to a website is diversified through Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the effective principles implemented by the best sites are as follows:

Unique Content should be presented on the web. It should be unique in its quality, in terms of depth and presentation.

  1. There should be accessibility to an adoptive online community which is ready to accept, visit and promote the services offered by you.
  2. Links are indeed one of the most chief sources generating traffic and increasing the PR of the website. The best content will also not be linked if it displays ads and shows pop-up when someone visits the website.
  3. Proper systems for monetizing of the powerful content must be taken into consideration otherwise hosting, bandwidth and development costs will overrun the budget.
  4. When you are aiming at highly competitive terms an online marketing budget must be effective. You can seek help from the expert consultant who will mention the ways of bringing newer sites to the top of the SERPs.

The following are the methods of tracking of visitors of the websites:

  • Campaign Tracking – The seo experts should be capable enough to put specific URLs or referral URLs on the ads, emails and track the success of the websites.
  • Action Tracking – There are also methods to track actions on the website like newsletter signups, form submission and add to cart buttons. This will help you to keep a record of ads, links, terms, and campaigns that are bringing you the potential visitors.
  • Referring URLs & Domain Tracking - This gives you the opportunity to see what URLs and domains are responsible for sending the traffic to your website. This will help you to understand where from the valuable links are coming.
  • First-Time vs. Return Visitors – To find out how interesting and presentable your website is, keep a track of the percentage of the visitors who are returning to your site every day, week and month.
  • Page Views per Session - This data will help you to keep a record of how many pages each visitor of your website is viewing.
  • Google Analytics - This tool provides an in depth analysis of your website or blog. You can check visitor sources, traffic volume, areas across the worldwide, top landing pages, top exit pages and many more.

Different people have their own unique ways or strategies of optimizing a website or blog. I have my own. Most of these secrets are kept secrets, the better you guess the algorithm of the search engines the better you are as a Seo Expert.



Bangali Tiger Tumi kamaal

i found this information in all the blogs but how can blogger create link to their blogs...and what the diffence b/w yahoo,google,technorati and live backlinks

very hot iformation

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