Universal Search Example

Anybody seen this new search result. Universal Search example could be none better than this. Google is rightly called the King of Search.

and why I said so

  • Google Sites - 7.7 billion searches (comScore says Google got 58.4% of searches in January)
  • Yahoo! - almost 2.5 billion searches
  • Microsoft - 1.1 billion searches
  • AOL - 903 million searches
  • Ask.com - under 500 million searches and about 4% of the market
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hey buddy.. you copied the patch on your banner directly from your competitor's blog.. can't you afford a professional design yourself ?.. ridiculous lol

yeah .. i've notice this search box a couple of months ago ...

Google is dominating the world !!

I have noticed this search box around 4 months back. But I was unaware of the term Universal Search.
Thanks for the information.


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