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Affordable SEO Services

SEO Services encompasses a lot of things. But it may so arise that there are companies or webmasters who want to optimize their site but for a low cost, in short they are looking for affordable SEO services. Affordable SEO services include optimization of site, blog or forum for a small amount. Generally, freelancers or Seo Consultants take the task of seo service for mini sites for an amount that will suit most webmasters budget. The seo professionals of the company will offer you the real value of our money. But you need to be choosy enough to understand that you can’t simply hand over your site to anybody. The person has to qualify as a seo expert along with experience to handle your task.

To me these are the basic services for your website that I generally provide to my clients.

Basic Optimization – This includes placing the proper Meta tags for the individual pages of your site along with fixing anchor text. The design and the professional approach is also looked after apart from some of the basic coding structure.

Content Creation - Content forms one of the prime focuses of the website. The SEO companies will offer you professionally written content maintaining proper keyword density and order of the key phrases. This also includes Article writing and Press Release writing.

Restructuring of the Web site- As a part of the SEO services we perform the standard coding techniques for optimizing your website for the algorithms of search engines. The experts will be able to create clean HTML codes for the website, set up a better navigation panel, fix the sitemap, and create RSS feeds.

Linking and submission- This is yet another feature offered by most of the seo companies. The Search engine optimizers submit the website to the relevant general and niche directories. They will also logically expand the link base.

All these services will cater to your budget. However, there are certain companies who will implement unauthentic policies and ways to rank you for sometime which will not hold well in the long run. I specifically prefer Whitehat Seo Techniques that will ensure my clients better Return on Investment (ROI) both in the short run as well as in the long run. I have seen many companies implementing BlachHat Techniques for their client site like keyword stuffing or spamming the search engines. The companies often place “hidden text” which is written in same color as the background of the page. These methods might fetch you high page rank in the major search engines but you might be reprimanded within no time.

So, it is always better to check the credentials of the company or the freelancers before approaching them for seo service.


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