Blogs for the purpose of SEO - Is it worth it?

General Understanding of Blog

Many people have the concept that having a blog is good enough a reason to be happy that there site would get ample visitors.Blogging as the term is doesnot always mean there will be a huge flow of traffic to your blog.

The Next Step

After this question has been solved then comes the next question of whether to have a blog at its own site or to buy a separate domain for it. Well my suggestion would be to go for a blog or an article listings in ones own site the simple reason would be that the site must either be an old one or that the domain name is recognized by many in the world of Internet.

The Final One

Once all this has been confirmed the owner posts innumerable articles in the blog with innumerable keywords stuffed in without any reason. To get into the core of the matter blogs become famous and attract traffic for all the other reason.

1. Good Content
2. Relevant Discussions.
3. Proper Answer for the comment
4. The frequency of posting an article.

If all these factors are met then automatically visitors will come in and some may go beyond a step to link back to your posting. In this way not only you have the basis of regular update (fresh content on your blog) but also visitors will like to come in to your site for greater content.


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