Long Tail Aspect of Optimization

Long Tail Aspect of Optimization is a new concept that is coming up. First look for the main or the primary keywords that suit your website and then try to look for key phrases to maximize return by flow of traffic to your site.

Like: The primary keyword for a shoe company would be - Shoe Company.
Then we can look for keywords like -

  • Leather Shoe Company
  • BLack Leather Shoe
  • Shoe Company In UK

This would maximize the search terms. This is just an example that I have cited this will differ from site to site. Another example would be say:

Primary Keyword - Profile Coverage
Lond Tail :

  • Profile Coverage Company
  • Profile Coverage on Small Cap Stocks
  • Profile Coverage on Micro Cap Stocks
  • Profile Campaigns

This will help you to get mamimized return.

I hope this will help newbies to get an idea abot the new seo technique that is coming up.


hey...this is very helpful...
Gr8 work!!

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