Basic SEO Principles

Just to give you a brief description of the different function. There four important tags used in the HTML code.

The Title Tag
The Meta Description Tag
The Meta Keyword Tag.
The Alt Image Attribute
The Anchor Text

The Title Tag – In this tag the keywords should be present for which we are trying to optimize the pages. Search Engines consider them for ranking purpose and it comes as a blue bar in the top of the page. It the most important tag for the Search Engines as they show the title in the Search Engine Result Page.

The Meta Description – The Meta Description Tag is a short description for the content of the site. It must include the keywords.

The Meta Keywords – The Meta Keyword consists of the keywords, which the Webmaster think are related to the site. Search Engines doesn’t consider them for ranking anymore. Still there is a need for keywords.

The Alt Image Attribute – It suggests the alternate text for the image. It is a necessity for the Search Engines as because Search Engines cannot crawl images, it crawls the image text, which is known as Alternate Image Attribute.

The Anchor Text – The Anchor text are the text that appears on the link. It is necessary because it gives more impetus to the search engines.

Next Set of Detailed Information will be available in the next edition..


I do not know much about SEO but was just wondering if it would have been better if we had an alternative for SE crawl. The reason being, the “crawl’ is an extra effort for the search engines to have a specific logic of its own and apply it to show search results. Also, there is a need to change it from time to time. That must be expensive. Instead, if I search for “Grass”, the SE could have given me options (categories) like green, wild, cultivated, medicinal and further drill on CATEGORIES only. Only when it was sure of what I was looking for it could have exposed the RAW sites. Also, crawls can be wrong. If my TAGS are inappropriate my site might be categorized incorrectly. SEO can be driven by a SEO FORM when someone registers his/her site with the web that can specifically tell WHAT is it all about. There will be very little fuss about this SEO thing and biases. All sites will be EQUAL and the searcher can get what he/she is looking for. And people will not need web promotion experts as well ;-). Just my wild imagination, of course!

Any page that has to be listed in the search engines has to be done on any basis. Say for exmple the heading or the title or some relevant fields. When the user types in the keyword the search engines derive the result set from the indexed list. The more the webmasters know what the search engines crawl for ranking the more they will tweak them for better rankings. More so, its better that Search Engines follow the stringent of rules and regulations that will automatically wipe out spammy sites. Till then we have to wait. For your question of having an alternative to the crawling hmmn that might not be possible.

Hey great post!! SEO is the simplest online marketing solutions that provide the best return on investment. In other words basic SEO is the understanding of how the placement of "words" will increase the value of a given web page, as it relates to the "keywords" that the Search engine users have plugged into the Search engine with the key word.

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