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Search engine optimization is the driving force behind the page rank of the website. This is the very reason why the necessity has been felt for introducing the SEO Courses. There are a wide array of search engine marketing courses and the search engine positioning courses that will cater to the needs of the interested students worldwide. The courses will make them understand the nitty-gritty of promoting a website via popular search engines.

Some of the major focuses of the courses are search engine optimization (SEO), website copywriting, pay-per-click search engine advertising (PPC), keyword research, website usability, and link building strategies. To make the courses more systematic and simple, the Seo Courses are generally divided into Starter and Advanced courses depending upon the subjects.

The Certification courses have been designed for those who want to jump-start their career in the search engine industry.

Certification Courses

The experienced and professionally skilled teachers are assigned for every course. They guide the students and review the assignments. The students who are interested to receive the industry-organized SEC Certification for any of the subject should pursue the Certification version of the course under the guidance of the tutor. The students opting for the course under tutor-supervision must get at least a 70% pass on the quizzes and the final examination. The students also need to complete the assignments for qualifying the SEC Certification.

There are no mentioned grades for the assignments except for Pass or Fail. If a student fails in the assignment the students will have to submit another one for re-grading of the teachers.

The following are the course module for the Beginners:

Lesson 1 = Introduction to SEO
Lesson 2 = Search Engine Basics
Lesson 3 = SEO Requirements Gathering
Lesson 4 = Keyword Research
Lesson 5 = Title and META Tag Creation
Lesson 6 = SEO Copywriting
Lesson 7 = SEO Integration
Lesson 8 = Search Engine and Directory Submission
Lesson 9 = Search Engine Spam
Lesson 10 = SEO Reporting and Conversions

The following are the course module for the Advanced Course:

Lesson 1 = Overview of SEO
Lesson 2 = Site Architecture
Lesson 3 = Text Content
Lesson 4 = Dynamic Content
Lesson 5 = Graphics
Lesson 6 = Flash and Splash Pages
Lesson 7 = Frames and Tables
Lesson 8 = Link Popularity

Lesson 9 = Pay For Performance
Lesson 10 = Measuring SEO ROI



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