How to build traffic to your site

It is not difficult to embark on an Internet Marketing campaign. Implementing some of the effective strategies will lead to massive traffic to the website. After all the main idea behind implementing seo for your site is to gain traffic.

1) Article Writing: This is one of the most implausible tools for drawing traffic. The articles must be rich in content. The presence of URL in the byline is effective. The length of the article must be 500 to 2,000 words in length. The popular sites for posting articles are GoArticles, Article City, Ezine Articles and Submit Your Articles.

2) Social bookmark *everything* : It is a common method of driving traffic. One can bookmark each page of the website and each blog entry of the post since it is worth doing.

3) Listing oneself in the best directories: One will have to pay an extra amount for this and is not a very common practice. One can opt for enhancing the traffic by getting a listing: business dot org, dir dot yahoo dot com and botw dot org.

4) Listing oneself at DMOZ dot org: It is pretty difficult to opt for the listing. However it is worth it.

5) Reviewing: It is advisable to review hot new products or books within the market. One can start of with Amazon and begin positioning oneself as an expert. It is necessary to create a profile of Amazon for effective results. One can sign every review with the reference to the URL. Epinions and Revoo are the other platforms for reviewing the products.

6) Offering a freebie on Craig's List: From a single ad of Craig’s List ad you can get huge traffic. The key will send people to a particular webpage on the website and make sure that the browsers will have to sign up for something like email or newsletter) before they can take the freebie. In this way one is not just get huge traffic but also be benefited by the building of the list.

7) Creating a "recommended by" list on the page: This can be done by logging on and creating an account and also tagging the blogs, articles as well as other content which are effective to the readers. It can be used as a resource site. One can add a link to the webpage in the email signature line or on the web site.

8) Creating the email signature line: The browsers do follow the link.

9) Lending a helping hand: Being the answer persons at the Yahoo Answers is yet another effective strategy. One can add a link back to the website following the answers.

10) Setting up a social networking site using LinkedIn, or Squidoo, Facebook: It is free and also pretty easy to do. One must remember the all-important link back to the website.

11) One must be sure that the blog must have an RSS feed so that if one captures the reader one would not have to lose them even if they forget to bookmark the website or the blog.

12) Joining relevant groups at Yahoo groups. It is pretty convenient to find everything from groups on growing the small business, finding your passion, writing books and a lot more. One can find the right group and participate in that.

13) Podcasting is yet another effective tool to drive traffic. One can start a podcast by going to Audio Acrobat. One can record the podcast over the phone and hit the "send" button on the computer when the recording is over. The system will syndicate it to around 27 podcast directories incorporating iTunes.

14) Blogging and commenting on other people’s blog is also a common method of driving traffic. One can also slink to them from the other website or adding them to the blogroll.

15) Inbound links: One can aim at high traffic and high quality sites. Sites having 4-6 as the page rank are considered to be good. One can also download the Google toolbar that has a PR feature built in.

16) Starting an email newsletter: One can also email the newsletter in order to drive the traffic. One email subscriber will pass it to the other email subscriber only if the content of the newsletter is interesting. If there is an email newsletter one should never opt for the single event without the handy signup sheet. One can also use offline events in order to drive traffic to the website.

17) Speaking of offline efforts: While being quoted in a magazine or other publication, one should remember to use the URL as it is appropriate to the topic.

18) One can also opt for a store on eBay? It has huge amount of traffic and on the sales page one can list the URL. This will provide inbound link.

19) Loading a video on the YouTube and 57 other video sites for driving a huge traffic.

20) Another strategy is allowing the browsers an opportunity to sign up for the newsletter and the RSS feed on the blog. Getting the email address of the users will be helpful indeed. Visitors visiting for the first time generally do not buy but marketing strategies must be implemented to effectively help the browsers.

An email newsletter is a perfect example. An informative newsletter will act as a potent marketing tool. Blog will also help the browsers to remain in the marketing loop. One must be aware of how many people are visiting the website. This will help to estimate before and the after view of the marketing efforts.


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