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How to be more effective in SEO for Google

The webmasters are worried about why all the pages of the website are not indexed. There is no definite answer. However, few things are definite.

The forums, blogs and the own guidelines of Google in order to increase the number of pages indexed by Google were surveyed. The best guesses were recorded. It was found that the webmaster should not expect that all the pages will be crawled and indexed. However there are methods by which the number can be increased.


PageRank is one of the most important one. The position of the page rank depends upon the number of pages that are indexed. Every webpage has its own PageRank. The high PageRank offers the Googlebot reasons to return. According to Matt Cutts a higher PageRank means a deeper crawl.


Googlebot needs something to follow. Links from a website of high PageRank are best since the trust is already instilled.

The internal links are helpful. Relevant links must be placed at the homepage from the other important pages. On the content webpages link to several relevant content on other webpages must be placed.


People are of the opinion that a well-structured Sitemap must definitely help to get all of the pages indexed. According to the guidelines of Google's Webmaster submission of Sitemap is also effective.

One must tell all about the web pages by submitting a Sitemap file; one should help them learn which web pages are important and how frequently the web pages change.

There are other key facts for improving crawlability. These techniques are like validating robots.txt.s and fixing violations.

There are also recommendations of creating Sitemap for each of the particular categories or section of the website.


According to the recent report of O'Reilly the easiness with which Googlebot crawls a page and the time of the page load may influence the number of pages that are indexed. The logic behind is that the faster the Googlebot crawls, the more number of pages will be indexed.

This will also include simplifying navigation or the structures of the website. The spiders often face difficulty with Ajax and Flash. In these cases text version must be added.

Google's crawl caching proxy

The diagram of Matt Cutts provides shows the way the Google's crawl caching proxy at the blog of Matt Cutts. It was the part of the Big Daddy hat is updated in order to make the search engine more effective. Among the three any one of the three indexes may crawl a site and as a result send the information to the remote server. It is then accessed by the rest of the indexes such as the blog index or the AdSense index as an alternative of the bots for those indexes that are physically visiting your website. They can all use the mirror as an alternative.


It is necessary to verify the website with the Google with the help of the Webmaster tools.

Content, content, content

The content must be original. When there is the copy of another page, the Googlebot may skip them easily. Frequent update of the content is necessary. When the pages have older timestamp, it must be viewed as outdated, static, or already indexed.

Staggered launch

Launching a huge number of pages at once could lead to spam signals. It is suggested that a webmaster can launch a maximum of 5,000 pages every week. .

Size matters

If you are thinking that the tens of millions of pages are indexed then the site will have to be on or level.

Know how the website is found, and tell Google

It is necessary to find out the top queries that may lead to a particular website. One should remember that the anchor text helps in links. One can use the Google's tools to find out which of the pages are indexed If there are certain violations one can specify the preferred domain so that the Google is aware of what to index.

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