Wordpress Optimization

Wordpress Optimization Tips

  1. WWW or no WWW: The best way is to decide whether to use www or not in the URL. You must then redirect it so that the reader types, he will be redirected to your choice.

  1. Permalink structure: Making permalink structure is yet another important factor. Uniform resource locator with post titles are more search engine friendly as well as reader friendly than those with “?id=78”. When you have already changed your permalink structure after building some links, you can use WordPress Plugin like the Dean’s Permalink Migration.

  1. Add a Robots.txt file: For the purpose of SEO, you can use the robots.txt file. A quick glance at the sample robot.txt file so that you can make the WordPress blog Google friendly.

  1. Usage of Google Webmasters Tools: Webmaster Tools is yet another aid for making your website optimized for Google. You can take a look at the Blogger’s Guide to Webmaster Tools in order to know about the advantages and the way to handle it.

  1. Custom 404 Error Page: A popular post or the tag cloud will be beneficial if the readers land up in the error page. For instance they are search engine directed reader; you can show posts that are relevant to their search terms.

  1. Be SEO Friendly: You can install All In One SEO plugin and start off with the optimization of the blog for the increase of search engine traffic. This technique is implemented by most of the avid bloggers.

  1. Feed Redirect: You can use the Feedburner Feedsmith in order to redirect your feed to Feedburner feed. You must not forget to turn off the Feedburner urls in feed. There is no need of making it difficult for the other bloggers who want to link with your site. By burning your feed at Feedburner, you can also get statistics about the subscribers for free.

  1. Contact Form: This will help the readers get connected to you.

  1. Subscribes to Comment: When there is a comment on the blog, you must subscribe to the notification of the email. This will also help in the discussion between you and the reader.

  1. Separate Comments from Trackbacks: By default WordPress displays comments and Trackbacks. It is better to separate the two. Your reader might pay $10 for this feature.

  1. Sitemaps: You will have to submit the sitemap if you want Google to index your blog. Sitemap.xml file is generated so that is well-matched with a number of search engines. Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin which helps in the generation of Sitemap.xml file.

  1. Track the RSS subscription: If you want to increase the TSS subscribers it is advisable to keep a track of the new signups.

  1. Add Google Search: Google Search can be added for your blog. This process will help the readers select your site or the web.
  1. Feed Autodiscovery: The browsers also prefer Internet Explorer7, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc for the auto detection of the blog’s RSS feed and then exhibit an orange icon for the reader. You must be sure that the blog has the right feeds that are site for the auto-discovery. The Comments feed can also be made auto-discovered.
  1. Add WordPress 2.3 Tags: In case your theme was coded before the release of the WordPress 2.3, you can follow the WordPress 2.3 Tags to the previous theme.

You can use the post for the reference purpose and also add your own tips that you have added in the comments.

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Great post. Blogs are a very natural way to attract links. I’d love to see a post on how to get your company to blog. Particularly if you are dealing with a large, conservative company.

very useful articles…..I think seo off site more important and power full for geeting free traffic than seo on site, I already implemented for my web……so I am focus on off site optimisation…thanks

Your article is much more informatics for all of the visitor. I am very happy to read it. This is really very nice. Thank you for it.

Your article is much more informatics for all of the visitor. I am very happy to read it. This is really very nice. Thank you for it.

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