Link Building Factors

Link Building Factors:

  • Number 1: The traditional mutual linking between sites. This process is termed as two-way linking. However the SEO’s are of the opinion that this strategy of link building has been diminished by Goggle. There is also a belief that the better strategy of building links with sites of relevant content.

  • Number 2: The three-way link also known as Triangular linking is the method of linking the site A and site B for a link back from another site. It is a much developed and modern strategy of link building than the two-way method. The Two-way linking is not in practice since they seem to be similar to the one-way linking to Google. However there are Search Engine optimizers who are of the opinion that the Google identifies three-way linking and there is often the risk of penalties.

  • Number 3: This is the three-way link method. The SEO offers a link from the site of the SEO or from a different site instead of a link from the site A. The benefit of this type of link building is that there is no need of the outbound links in case of the site A. However the SEO’s are of the opinion that site A might be have to suffer penalties from Google.

  • Number 4: The four-way linking is favored by few webmasters. They have the same advantages and disadvantages like the number two and number three methods as discussed above.

  • Number 5: Article links: The SEO will provide an informative article with links displayed in the middle or at the end of the article. These articles are provided to the webmasters free of cost as content for their sites in return of the link in the site of the client. There is a belief that the publication of the article on different sites might result into some problem since it has the duplicate content and the links of the articles are also similar. A number of these articles are submitted to “article farms”. It is advisable to offer unique articles on the webmaster but producing many of the unique articles is often expensive.

  • Number 6: One-way link is also considered to be effective by few of the SEO’s. Even though these one way links come from the sites having low page rank these are considered to be effective. However SEO’s are of the opinion that one-way link from FFA’s and the directories are considered to be spam by Google. It is essential to find out related sites in order to avoid being marked as spam by Google. However, this method seldom works.

  • Number 7: Buying Links - SEO’s prefer buying links with text links along with keywords. It is stated in the guidelines for webmasters that Google does not support buying of links. There is also a method of reporting against the sites that buy links. Few of the SEO’s think that Google creates this fear among people so that people buy Adwords instead of advertising somewhere else. The SEO’s also believe that buying banner ads is better than text links since Google cannot consider them as Spam. If the text based ads are sponsored link then text based ads are not a better idea. Some SEO are of the view that if there is no keyword in the link nothing can be done for reputation. It is also possible to detect reputation from site where the banner is.

  • Number 8: We consider A as the site that we are trying to promote. The best strategy is to create various information sites with relevant content on the different IP C-blocks in order to “take the fall”. If you follow this strategy then site A will receive links from links from other sites like site B, C and D. The sites B, C and D participate in the different linking activities with the purpose of creating Page Rank. This might be considered spam. Junkier information sites will make the chance of site A getting more hit.

  • Number 9: You can also build a site naturally. The best way is to create excellent content. It is an easy way to promote a site that is informative but is not ideal for commercial site. However it is pretty time-taking affair.

  • Number 10: It is a combination of all the above strategies. However, Google can punish a site for any of the strategy and may not be aware of the strategy.

Is there any other strategy of link building?

You can use interactive gimmicks and unique tools as link building. You can offer content which can be used by other sites. You can use free link back to your own site. For instance, if one of the sites is based on gambling industry and if I come across sites asking for calculator tool for my site. These are done by flash and they look for back links. This has to be something that would be beneficial to other sites but cannot be conveniently replicated.


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