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SEO Kolkata

I remember when I started working as a SEO Executive, people hardly knew about what SEO is and often use to wonder and conceptualize it as a part of Web Design. Gradually, with SEO Conference in India and clients of Web Design Companies understanding the importance of Search Engine Optimization, companies in Kolkata made way for seo service implementation in their own company.

SEO as a Service in Kolkata

With different type of services available from different companies it is for the client to decide which one suite them best. There are some benchmarks that make it easier for a person to decide on the ultimate company to go for seo service. Like if I am given the option to decide on a company’s ability to prove itself as a good provider of seo service.

1. The age of the company
2. The Profile
3. The type of seo services
4. Different plan (Basic, Advanced etc)
5. Type of activity & technique followed for seo
6. The amount charged for the service
7. How many clients do they handle
8. Case studies for at least few type of industry and
9. How flexible they are.

Having said so, I believe it all narrows down to how flexible a company is on their agenda. Whether they are ready to make you understand on their plan of action and extend support when in need. If it requires, may be a small chat with one of the existing or previous client would be helpful.

Today, when I come across a client, the first thing that I have in my mind is to make him/her comfortable with their problem issues, to build friendly terms with them and make them understand about the plan of action. After all you need to be transparent about what you do for others.

Hope this provides as a support for people looking to narrow down on the list of SEO Companies or Freelancer to work for their site.


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